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Social Responsibilities

Pointec has a very sound work ethic combined with a very strong belief that in order to nurture a better society one must give back to the communities. Being an equal opportunity employer, Pointec believes in providing the platform for skill and talent to flourish. Its numerous scholarship programs for instance have ensured that children of the most economically challenged section of society receive the financial assistance for education that would otherwise be difficult to procure.

Pointec's CSR programs support a host of initiatives as under:

  • People & Education
    • Giving employees free interest education loan there by uplifting of children by helping to get good education
    • Providing employment opportunities to person with special abilities. 3% of our workforce is of this category.
  • Healthcare
    • Participating in the spreading of awareness of HIV
    • Organizing Health Checkup & blood donation camps
  • Women Empowerment
    • Contributing funds towards women empowerment initiatives to Naam Foundation
  • Environment
    • Generating & Using Renewable energy for one of the plant with help of carbon Negative process called Bio gasification process
    • Tree planting drives
    • Recycling water with help of STP and thereby reducing carbon footprint
    • Converting garden litter and leaf waste to pellets and used in gasifier

CSR at Pointec is about identifying those areas where a need can be met and devising simple methods of enabling its employees to fulfill that need.