Long lasting reliable performance A combination of Superb form & function resulting in a range of Stylish designs with refills using modern inks like Ultra Low Viscosity and Nickle silver tips.
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Our State of the art Tool room outfitted with CNC machines, CNC Sparking machines, super drilling machine and other machining facilities provides accurate and high precision mold components for our Injection Pen/Mechanical Pencils Molds.

Over 70 injection molding machines coupled with high automated assembly machines, Pointec is capable to produce over 50 million parts required to manufacture millions of Ball pens, Gel Pens and Mechanical pencils. Most of the injections molds are running either with Robotic arm attachment or Camera Detector which will give a peace of mind to our buyers as there products are manufactured on automated lines.

  • Process FMEA and PPAP will ensure good quality products are manufactured
  • Online monitoring of productivity visible on LAN with call escalation
  • Built in Vision system/ Poke Yoke in injection molding and assembly machines
  • FIFO system for WIP and Finished goods
  • Environment and Personnel safety standards adhered to
  • Training and Continuous improvement Programs
  • Preventive and Conditional based maintenance system been incorporated
  • Process control Approach
  • Well-equipped quality testing Lab

Lab instruments

  • Humidity Chamber for Accelerated Aging Test for Ink
  • Ink Lay Down Tester
  • Lead Hardness Tester
  • Visual Measuring System