Long lasting reliable performance A combination of Superb form & function resulting in a range of Stylish designs with refills using modern inks like Ultra Low Viscosity and Nickle silver tips.
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Reduction of Environmental Foot Print

Reducing Our Environmental Footprint

Pointec is constantly striving to reduce the environmental footprint of its operations, acting on every front: environmental management systems, optimization of water and energy consumption, reduction and recycling of waste, reducing greenhouse gas emissions, and more.

As an OEM in the manufacturing of EDW instruments, Pointec is committed to ensuring that its production facilities operate in an environmentally responsible way.
Pointec has focused on reducing the environmental footprint of our packaging: by select environmentally responsible materials and reduce and recycle packaging waste in the factories and giving all waste to pollution control board nominated dealers
80% of our energy consumption is from our own renewable energy plant for past 1 year.
50% Water used in the factory is treated and used for garden.
Most of our cardboard packing cmoes from certified and /or recycled sources
Pointec is triple certified ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and SA8000.
Product Safety
100% of our master batch and other PVC materials used in our product are RoHs Complied