Our Vision :: Energizing a sustainable world.

About Energy Division

Pointec has started Energy division at Northern part of Karnataka with 2 Megawatt electricity generating capacity. Presently the entire electricity is used for captive consumption by wheeling the power to state run grid and using in its Pen manufacturing plant.

Pointec energy unit runs usingthe principal of Gasification process which is Green Power.“Green power" is electricity generated from abundant energy sources that are replenished at a sustainable rate by natural processes. In addition to being sustainable, green power contributes to cleaner air and water.

About Gasification

Energy Sources :: There are many "green" energy sources, including solar, wind, water, and biomass.

  • Gasification is a process that converts carbonaceous materials, such as coal or biomass, into carbon monoxide and hydrogen by reacting the raw material at high temperatures with a controlled amount of oxygen.
  • The resulting gas mixture is called Producer Gas and is itself a fuel. This gas will be fed to the engine after series of filtration process and ignited in engine to generate Electricity.
  • One of byproduct of this process is excess heat which can be used to have bulk chiller/cold storage and used in drying application
  • Another byproduct of this process is Biochar can be used to enhance the soil properties and also it is important tool to increase food security and cropland diversity in areas with severely depleted soils , scarce organic resources and inadequate water.

Energy Plantation

As a part of backward integration, Pointec also started working on plantation drives to have sufficient raw material as wood for its Power Plant. Presently Pointec is completed more than 1 million tree plantation and the number will grow in future as a part of sustainability drives.

  • Pointec Pens & Energy Pvt. Ltd. (Energy Division)
    No : 95/1+2+3+4+5,
    Mundargi Post,
    Mundargi Taluk
    Gadag District, Karnataka
    India (582118)

Social and Other Benefits

  • Green Energy Project
  • Provides Much Needed Power
  • Inclusive Project and Develops Rural Economy
  • Reduces the role of non-renewable fossil fuels
  • Devices such as Furnaces, Hot Air Dryers, Kilns, Boilers and thermic Fluid Heaters can be retrofitted, for cost effective generation of Thermal Energy
  • Tri-Generation Capabilities for Generation of Power, Heat and Refrigeration