Long lasting reliable performance A combination of Superb form & function resulting in a range of Stylish designs with refills using modern inks like Ultra Low Viscosity and Nickle silver tips.

Quality Assurance

Pointec’s manufacturing processes have been refined to make high quality products available to all its customers. This everyday performance is the result of high technology in house tool/mold making facilities and equipment, integrated production processes, well-trained employees and a rigorous quality control system with help of well equipped Lab.

  • Quality and safety
    We ensure the quality and safety of millions of products daily through unique manufacturing practices and rigorous quality control system. Pointec produces millions of products manufactured from highly selected raw materials, Rohs complied master batches, inks and undergo vast array of tests to ensure they are in compliance with national and international safety requirements. With the help of in-house Quality Lab and third party testing Lab, Pointec will ensure all products are passes quality tests right from development to supply of products to customers.
  • Ethical foundation
    We commit ourselves to success of our customers by providing the highest levels of product quality, customer service, competitive affordable costs and management accountability to all participants in the supply chain.
    Our commitment to ethical and legal business practices is the foundation from which we operate. As such, we hold ourselves accountable to the highest ethical standards with a commitment to compliance with the local laws and policies in the regions we serve.
  • Factory Audits and Certifications
    This framework of expected behavior is evident in everything we do, from serving our clients and core business operations, to further growing ours as well as our customer’s brand, reputation and transparency as a company.
    Pointec has been audited for social and ethical compliance in accordance with local laws and retail requirements. Apart from Retailers, brand owners and product vendors gain peace of mind knowing their brands are produced by an accountable and reputable partner.

Security Policy

It is our policy to ensure that

  • All customer data and their products are appropriately protected and are not divulged to any third party without authorization.
  • The premises are protected by suitable physical security and environmental controls, and where appropriate, access is restricted to visitors and company employees.
  • Access to organizational data is appropriately controlled
  • All products are packed and loaded into container in an appropriate controlled way and inspected thoroughly before container being shipped out of the factory.
  • All staffs are provided with training in information security awareness and individual responsibilities defined.
Managing Director


  • ISO Certification
  • ISO 14001 Certification
  • SA8000 Certificate
  • Intertek Achievement Award
  • SCAN - Scan Security Audit Score