Pointec is a leading manufacturer and exporter of writing instruments of International standards.

About Pointec Pens & Energy Private Limited.

Pointec is manufacturing affordable cost every day writing Instruments and specialized especially in manufacturing mechanical pencils in bulk quantity. Since its beginnings in 1995, the Company has refined the machines and manufacturing processes needed to manufacture pens and mechanical pencils in mass production while assuring high quality.


To be the global destination for every day writing instruments supplies and to serve as the best in class solution provider and partner for mold development, while delivering quality and value to our clients throughout the retail supply chain.


Our mission is to help our clients build their brand integrity and reach their goals through optimal execution, sustainable and ethical business practices, offering affordable cost and the flexibility of being easy to work with.

Quality Policy

We at Pointec Pens & Energy Pvt. Ltd.shall strive to be the best and a very profitable every day writing instrument manufacturer through enhanced customer satisfaction.
We shall manufacture good quality every day writing instruments at an affordable price by achieving continual process excellence through total employ,ent involvement, using training methods.

About Energy Division

Pointec is running with its own Power (electricity) generated at our Muandargi Renewable Energy Plant situated at north Karnataka. We have 2 megawatt power generating capacity at this plant. The technology used to generate power is unique process called gasification which is CO2 Negative technology. To generate gas we use bio fuel ie wood and requirement of same can be met with tree planting drives. Over a million trees are already planted to meet the raw material requirement for the gasification process.

Why Pointec?

Long-lasting Performance
Our pens feature solid grip, easy holding, smooth writing and do not fade quickly.
Quality and Expertise
To ensure maintaining a high standard, we have staff monitoring quality on every step.
Wide Range of Products
Choose from our high quality and visually appealing product ranges that are constantly evolving.
Environmental Friendly
We use recycled plastic for pens to re-use waste material and lower the impact on the environment.
Colorful Designs
We figured people wanted brighter colors to use. We offer colourful and bright designs.
A Global Presence
Pointec pens are designed to cater the demands of national and international consumers.


Pointec is one of the largest Ball Pen and Mechanical Pencil manufacturing and exporting company manufacturing nearly 2 million pens and pencils a day. Pointec is a Govt. of India recognized Star Export House and exporting to almost 45 Countries mainly to Americas, Australasia and Europe.

  • Year 2005

    Associated with Sanford USA.

  • Year 2007

    Capacity Enhanced, Wall-mart Qualified

  • Year 2010

    ISO-9001 Certified, Local market entry.

  • Year 2011

    Plant expansion due to Inkjoy Products addition

  • Year 2015

    Renewable Energy Power Plant started in full scale

  • Year 2017

    Both Domestic and Export market, New customers added